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Independent Contract Work with SalesPros, The Wine, Beer & Spirits Demo Specialists

Personal Passion Increases Sales!

SalesPros recruits and contracts independent sales professionals to represent wine, beer, and spirits brands in physical retail and wholesale locations. SalesPros representatives are considered “THE BEST AND MOST ASSERTIVE” at selling product at any given retail location. Our enthusiasm and professionalism result in increased sales — we sell CASES versus BOTTLES!

We recruit independent contractors who have previous sales experience and who have a passion and interest in selling wine, beer & spirits. Sales experience is required and a real passion to meet and chat with consumers is a must. The goal of a SalesPros contractor is to achieve the highest case sales per shift in order to generate commensurate commissions.

History of SalesPros
History of SalesPros

SalesPros was established as a sales and marketing company for the wine and spirits industry. The company works with leading wine and spirit brands to promote their products in retail venues and sponsored events. The company works with a variety of large and independent brands. The focus of SalesPros is to recruit and engage independent sales and marketing professionals to serve the in-person demonstration and sales needs of our wine, beer & spirit brands. All work with SalesPros is contract based.

What are some of the brands that SalesPros represents?

We are ambassadors for leading suppliers, such as Constellation, Gallo, Pernod-Ricard, Diageo, The Wine Group, Miller Coors. We promote their premium brands in retail establishments throughout the U.S. The speci!c brands that we currently represent numbers in the hundreds.

Cameron Hughes

What are the requirements to be considered for independent contract work with SalesPros?

Are you an independent, self-starter?

We are looking for talented, independent sales professionals who have the experience and general knowledge of wine, beer, and spirits. We look for enthusiastic and energetic personalities. You need to be at least 21 years old and totally responsible for yourself. Applicants must be reliable, outgoing, and hard-working. Please note all applicants must undergo background screening prior to placement, submit a signed Code of Conduct, Independent Contractor Agreement, and a completed W9 form should you be contracted to work with SalesPros.

Are you an independent, self-starter?
Do you understand the brand?
Do you understand the brand?

A key component to providing marketing and sales services to SalesPros is spending the appropriate time to learn and understand each brand’s unique selling proposition. Being able to communicate this information concisely, clearly, and enthusiastically will result in higher sales. SalesPros will provide you with both in!eld and online support to enhance your continuing education on sales, best practices and unique selling points about each brand you will represent.

As a final and extremely important note:

This work is NOT offered as either part-time or full-time employment. This is independent contract work. Should you be selected to represent SalesPros, you are being appointed as an independent contractor and will be required to sign our Code of Conduct and Independent Contractor Agreement. You are responsible for filing your own taxes with the IRS.

Contract Fee & Commission Schedule

We pay an hourly rate + commission which combine to offer one of the more attractive and most competitive pay packages in the industry. Pay does vary with each retailer to ensure that our demo agents are properly incentivised and aggressively compensated.

The Contracting Process

  • All prospective applicants will either attend a live educational session or visit an existing SalesPros rep in-store.
  • After a phone interview you will also be asked to complete a quick test so that we may assess your knowledge.
  • If you are selected to represent SalesPros, you must submit or con!rm contact information/address.
  • At this point, you will receive an email from KROLL, an independent agency from SalesPros that runs criminal and background checks required by our retail partners. You will be asked to submit your background information on-line directly to their agency.
  • When you are veri!ed by KROLL you will be sent the appropriate IRS forms. Once these forms are returned you will receive a logon to the SalesPros portal. When you log in, you will be asked to read and digitally sign the SalesPros Code of Conduct and Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • You will then have access to our contractor portal/blog where you can indicate your availability.
  • In this same portal, you can enter your time sheets and case sales per shift, review brand materials, read other contractor posts, and watch videos that will help you better represent SalesPros brands and improve your overall sales.
  • Payment is generated on a weekly basis and sent via USPS. So, for example if you worked on the previous Saturday and Sunday, payment for services is sent the following Thursday via USPS. Direct deposit is offered; !nd the necessary forms on your user page.
  • As an independent contractor providing marketing and sales services to SalesPros you will receive a 1099 form for the previous tax year. So for 2014, you will receive your 1099 in January 2015 re"ecting payments of anything over $600 for 2014, made by SalesPros to you. It is your responsibility to pay your taxes to the IRS directly on the pay you received from SalesPros. We will provide the IRS with information on what the company paid you.

We look forward to working with you and providing you an excellent and easy way to generate revenue. If you have experience and a real passion for selling, an interest in the wine and spirits industry, and a desire to meet consumers looking for guidance and support during their wine and spirits purchasing process, this is the right opportunity for you!

Join a team of SalesPros who love what they do, selling products they love.
"Working with SalesPros is hardly working at all. The opportunity to represent fantastic wines and meet interesting people is a pleasure. I appreciate the flexible schedules and enjoy driving sales and watching my commissions build. I'm happy to be a part of SalesPros."
Lee Mihalic, Texas
"Extraordinary company, always something new and exciting to demo, great venues, great team of partners! I like the ease of the online CMW site, good information and always up to date! I couldn't ask for a better company to work with!"
Zerviah Clapp, California
"It is a great organization to work for. AND, you are paid within a matter of just a few days. I worked for 2+ years with another Wine/Beer demo company before joining SalesPros and I can honestly say that SalesPros is the BEST."
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